You can make a difference

Jewelers in West Africa create wonderful jewelry using only basic tools, often recycling discarded materials and making their own equipment as needed. Those of us who have worked alongside these artists are moved to extend a helping hand, knowing that a gift of even a single tool can make a significant difference in these talented hands. Here is what you can do:

1. Used Tools

If your studio is like ours, you have duplicate tools and some that you rarely use. Send gently-used tools to the Toolbox Initiative and we will get them to Africa. While any tools are greatly appreciated, here is a partial list of tools that are in high demand.

  • shears/snips

  • pliers of all kinds

  • files of all kinds

  • soldering tweezers

  • draw tongs

  • drawplates

  • pin vises

  • sawframes

  • sawblades

  • hammers of all kinds

  • punches of all kinds


2. New Tools

Cash donations allow us to purchase specific tools that don't happen to come in through donations. You can specify any amount through a credit card or PayPal account by clicking the yellow Donate button below. You can even set up an automatic monthly donation. If you would like to specify which tools you would like to buy or give us other instructions, you are welcome to do so. 


Check back here from time to time to see the positive impact of your generosity.


3. Silver Scraps

Perhaps you have a jar of scraps you've been meaning to refine. Send it to us and we'll convert it to ingots and get them to Africa.

Donations to the Toolbox Initiative, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, are tax deductible.

Send tools and silver scrap to Toolbox Initiative, 318 Bath Road, Brunswick, ME  04011